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Elements of a Composite Entity

photography 2017

Elements of a Composite Entity features the landscape of Deer Isle, Maine in a photo series that explores the relationships between natural elements and their forms, shapes, patterns, and textures.


2-channel video, 2016

InsideOut presents two video channels, which each attempt to show a day of tourism experience in the Dominican Republic - one inside and one outside of a resort.

Rise of Art

installation/video, 2016

Rise of Art is a collaborative art-making experience that explores opportunities of merging new media forms with traditional techniques in our present-day studio and teaching practice.

An American Tale III

video, 2016

11/8/2016 - the spirit of NYC on the last day before the election of president Donald Trump

Letting Go is an interactive project inspired by the addictions in my family, in the people around me and in myself.




photography, 2016

32 selfies & 32 images taken from Tinder, 2016

archival ink on luster paper

Illuminous Architecture

photography, photomontage, 2015

Self-portrait  inspired by the journey to the Underworld and the concept of Soul Retrieval in Native American societies.

Coastal Walk is a photomontage constructed from twenty-five high-resolution photographs taken on a walk. I discovered many different objects with diverse textures, shapes, colors, and scales.  Each object had its own appearance, presence, and history, but when I observed carefully, I grasped that they were all connected. 

Energy Flow

photography, 2014

Long-exposure photograph outside of my hometown Zornheim, Germany.

I hear you is created from snippets of Skype conversations, recorded during a one-year period. The aim was to capture moments of disruption caused by weak connections that generate fragmentation. Though these moments are interruptive, the fragmented image transmits a visual power that is intriguing. 

Ants live in colonies and a perfect division of labor exists amongst them. They have the best working social structure ever known, where everyone nurtures each other and is responsible for the other’s well being. Ants are capable of sacrifice at a much higher level than humans are. 

Visiting Erik was shot during a weekend trip to a self-governed community farm in the North-East of Germany. This community, builds their own houses, grows their own produce, keeps their own animals, stores their own water, and produces their own energy. Everything is shared matter in this community. 

New Media Art

This installation piece was created through an experiment that challenged myself to create a piece of artwork employing the computer as a medium without switching it on. 



It was raining blossoms. Eager to capture some of the fast passing beauty the video was shot with an handheld, instant available, low-tech camera. 

An American Tale II is the second video of a video series that the artist started in 2008. Every four years on the Presidential Election Day she goes in the streets to capture the Zeitgeist of the present time. In 2008 the artist was filming in Boston, in 2012 she was traveling the streets of New York City, from district to district and pole to pole. 

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines home as: one’s place of residence, the social unit formed by a family living together, or a familiar or usual setting: congenial environment. That Trinket I Treasure presents memories of a field-trip taken with friends shortly before the artist was forced to leave the country after many years of living in the USA. 

I am Telling The Truth; Babe was originally a 3-channel work that was re-edited to fit a single screen. It explores the psychological and personal identity-search of the individual, which relates to the outer world, such as society and media, and the inner world, such as self-image, self-esteem, and individuation. 

An American Tale

video, 3 min., 2008

An American Tale is a video collage created from snippets of words, phrases and images from interviews with voter, which the artist collected at various pole locations in Boston on the United States Presidential Election Day 2008.

A performative photo series that uses light to draw in landscape.

Time Flies

2-channel video, 2008

Time Flies is a two-channel video that displays three performances, which took place in the Boston area, documented with two hidden cameras. 

Self Portrait

photography, 2008

Self Portrait

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