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Rise of Art, Sculpture/Video, 11 min., 2016

Rise of Art

"Rise of Art”, a collaboration with Sohee Koo, involves a suspended mixed-media sculpture in the form of a hive with a surface of octagon pattern texture and a video that documents the collaborative art-making experience that explores opportunities of merging new media forms with traditional techniques in our present-day studio and teaching practice. As artists and art educators, we are constantly challenged to develop approaches of teaching and learning that fuse art and technology and integrate traditional and new media forms.

Lead by an experiential learning approach, we created a collaborative artwork that explores the matters of our present-day art and teaching practice. From inside the sculpture a video loop is projected onto the floor that displays the art-making procedures involved in developing the work. Throughout, we were intuitively guided when probing techniques, which included sketching, molding, sculpting, cutting, gluing, painting, 3D printing, laser cutting, video-making, installing, and finding the suitable materials, such as chicken wire, plaster, paper, paint, plastic filament, and digital images.


By making, experiencing, reflecting on, and presenting our artwork we aim to explore and highlight the synthesis of traditional and new media, and hope to provide insights about and inspiration for media-integrated art-making and teaching approaches.

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