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Letting Go, Sculpture/Performance/Video, 2016

Letting Go

VitaminC Water bottle ball with received messages inside, projection of received images, online response blog, 2016

Letting Go is a project inspired by the addictions in my family, in the people around me and in myself. I asked people via email and social media to send me messages revealing a story, a memory, a thought, a desire, a feeling, etc. that people wish to lot go in their life. I collected hundreds of PowerC Vitamin Water Bottles from which I created a big ball. The bottles were filled with the messages that were sent to me.

The ball was then part of an art exhibition: Experiences of (Dis)Connection Jan 9 - Feb 9, 2016 at Macy Gallery, NY. At the finnisage, I encouraged the visitor to destroy the ball by breaking of the bottles, taking the messages, and helping release the negative energies. The visitors were asked to find a ritual to release whatever the message revealed 'to want to let go' and then to respond on an online platform with their reflective thoughts.

Online blog with messages and responses:

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