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I'm Telling the Truth, Babe, 8min., USA, 2009-2013

I am Telling The Truth, Babe was originally a 3-channel work that was re-edited to fit a single screen in 2013. The video explores the psychological identity-search of the individual, which relates to the outer world, such as physical environment, society, technology and media, and the inner world, such as self-image, self-esteem, and individuation. The artist splits into three alter egos. One moves through individual spaces where she meets her doppelgangers. Her mouth transforms into that of other people, who were asked to finish the following sentences: I want to…, I have to…, I should…, I don’t want to…, and You should…, and speak through the artist’s body. The other two versions of the self perform interactions on a rooftop and in a basement.

I'm Telling the Truth Babe
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